We had a pretty SWELL day on the Ohana today! We were greeted by some pretty big waves, with increasing winds by the afternoon. The visibility was pretty nice, making it easy to find dolphin on both trips. During the morning cruise we found another MEGAPOD of Common dolphin. The pod was pretty active and playful, showing us acrobatic behaviors. We went out in deeper water and encountered another ~100 Common dolphin that were feeding. On our way back, we sighted a Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish that hung out near the surface for a while.

The afternoon cruise was pretty nautical! The swell began to build but not before we sighted a small pod of ~5 Pacific White-Sided dolphin, and ~3 Common dolphin. We made it into deeper water and were met by high winds, gusting almost 25knots! We turned back around to get some relief and found ~100 Common dolphin traveling Northwest, while stopping every so often to feed.

The day overall was fun and lively! We are still eager to find larger whales out there! We hope you’ll come out and join us as we venture out to the Pacific!