What a beautiful, sunny day it was on the Ohana! The sea is finally beginning to smooth out and we’re expecting some great weather throughout the week. Our one and only trip for the day was spent with two different species of dolphin and a plethora of Sea Lions! We began our excursion with a pair of porpoising Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins that led us out of the channel! We were later greeted by the same species on our way back home. In between our Bottlenose sightings, we cruised through multiple pods of Common Dolphins, all exhibiting some serious feeding behavior! We likely found about 200 total Common Dolphins and of course, the California Sea Lions tagged along too!

We will be back on the Privateer, bright and early tomorrow morning. We haven’t sold out yet so you can still book your seat for either trip! We can’t think of a better way to enjoy the weather..see you on the boat!