Hold on to your binoculars people..do we have a spectacular day on the water to fill you in on! We cruised along through two great pods of Common Dolphins in the morning, bringing us to an estimated total of ~150 individuals for our first trip of the day. Nearly 10 miles from shore, we spent some time with a HUMPBACK WHALE!!!! This massive animal exhibited some sporadic feeding behavior but that didn’t inhibit us from getting some amazing, close-up glamour shots! It even fluked right next to us for a final wave good-bye!! We’re crossing our fingers for some more Humpback sightings to follow.

On our way out of the jetties this afternoon, we quickly spotted a northbound pair of juvenile Gray Whales! They trailed alongside the contour of the coast, paralleling Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. Although we were able to receive a few good glances at this pair, we left them behind due to their inconsistent behavior. Fortunately, we found TWO dolphin species later on! First, a fairly large pod (~25 individuals) of Pacific White Sided Dolphins showed off their gorgeous markings as they surfed beside us, bow-rode and porpoised in every direction! We eventually came upon a few hundred Common Dolphins, farther offshore. This pod included babies, tail-slappers and whistlers! What more could we ask for on a sunny Sunday like this? The weather should continue to treat us well and we have plenty of seats available for our single trip tomorrow morning! See you on the water!