Mother Nature granted us a visit from some fantastic pods of Toothed Whales today! In the morning, we spotted two (possibly three) Mola Molas (Ocean Sunfish) and a Harbor Seal before we found a nursery pod of Common Dolphins! This pod was filled with females and young calves that porpoised and bow-rode, using the Privateer for some extra acceleration! This is our second day in a row with a nursery pod and we are lucky to be able to see the new additions to this population! On our afternoon trip, we hadn’t even exited the jetties before we had our first cetacean sighting of a handful of Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins! After making it out to the Pacific, we found another pod of Common Dolphins that took a break from hunting to join us in our travels! In total, we likely saw 400 Common Dolphins throughout the day. The Blue Whales are still out here somewhere and we need YOU to come search for them with us. We hope to see you on the boat soon!