Beautiful, calm conditions on the Pacific led to incredible sightings! During the morning trip, we encountered a variety of marine species that included California sea lions checking the Privateer out, a Mola mola (Ocean sunfish) hanging out on the ocean surface, a Mako shark that was swimming next to the boat, and finally TWO MINKE whales! The Minke whales were found near deeper water and we watched one of them as it moved closer toward the shore with every surfacing! The calm conditions allowed for us to easily track it and get excellent views as it came up for a breath! Once, it even came very close to the stern of the Privateer before going for a deep dive! On both trips, we encountered several pods of Common dolphin! During the morning trip, we witnessed a Megapod swimming toward the SW! There were many cow/calf pairs seen, while some individuals were very acrobatic, leaping high into the sky! During the afternoon cruise, we also encountered Common dolphins! A few pods were seen traveling NW, bringing the total for the trip to ~200 individuals. While headed South, about 6-miles outside of La Jolla, a spout was seen! The tall, columnar spout was observed three times but the whale was not encountered again. We never know where the wildlife will pop up and it is always a great time searching for them, so we hope you’ll join us soon! -Vanessa