It was a day full of Minke madness and Common Dolphin craziness! On our morning trip, we found a quick-moving pair of Minke Whales! We believe it might have been a cow-calf pair, due to the individuals remaining in very close proximity to one another. The potential calf was relatively small, yet large enough to be recently weaned. They gave us the slip on our first encounter with them, but they were re-sighted on our way back to land. Between Minke sightings, we spotted an Ocean Sunfish at the surface and a pair of SABINE’S GULLS! This is the second sighting of this rare species of bird here in San Diego for 2017. The Common Dolphin activity that was experienced this afternoon made up for a lack of toothed whale sightings on our morning trip. We found multiple subgroups, partaking in cooperative hunting. We were also able to see a few calves, mating pairs and acrobatic males during our visit with the commons. Roughly 250-300 Common Dolphins were in the area. Our sightings were very diverse today. Wonder what we’ll see tomorrow!