It was another fabulous Friday out on the Pacific today. We encountered amazing Common dolphins on both trips. During the morning, we traveled out to deeper water and found a large pod of ~350 Common dolphins that were exciting to watch! They were traveling fast toward the NW being very active at the surface! There were several cow/calf pairs in the mix. A Mola mola (Ocean sunfish) was seen in the Common dolphin action! We even had a very rare sighting of a single Sabine’s gull – the fourth sighting of 2017! During the afternoon, we searched far and wide and finally came across another large pod of Common dolphins that were also traveling NW. There was non-stop action at the bow and along the side of the Privateer as they surfed our wake. We encountered a few cow/calf pairs with a couple of calves showing off what they learned from their mothers by porpoising high into the sky! A quick glimpse of a whale surfaced further away from our boat that was probably a Minke whale but it was never relocated. The baleen whale activity was quiet today but we never give up! We going out tomorrow in hopes of spotting some! We hope you’ll join in on the adventure! -Vanessa