We aren’t sure what was better this morning…the conditions or the sightings! There are two different populations of Bottlenose Dolphin that could be spotted off the coast of San Diego and we were able to see BOTH on our trip! As we neared the mouth of the jetties, one pair of Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins made a brief appearance as they crossed our bow. Further away from the coast, we encountered a NURSERY POD of Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins and…PATCHES!!! If you are not familiar with Patches, he/she is a leucistic Bottlenose Dolphin with patches of pale pink-creamy white coloration that break up the slate gray color that is typically seen uniformly throughout (with the exception of lighter undersides and miscellaneous markings) the body on most Bottlenose Dolphins. Today, Patches was associating with a nursery pod of females and young calves. We don’t expect to see males forming long-lasting bonds with females and/or cow-calf pairs so we are wondering if he (it is a popular belief that Patches is male) is actually a she! No one will ever know for sure until we get a good look at the underside. The nursery pod was full of babies that swam alongside their mothers but also split off to socialize independently. Originally, the pod looked average in size until we reached nearly 60-70 individuals (this included many that were not observed at close range)! Patches was far more interested in our presence than we have experienced in the past. He/she bow-rode, porpoised, crossed under the boat multiple times and came right up to us! The beautiful conditions allowed for an amazing look at the dolphins both above and below the surface of the water. We were so lucky to encounter Patches and a phenomenal pod of Offshore Bottlenose today! We will be on the lookout for them and whatever else might be out there tomorrow morning. We are VERY light on reservations so YOU still have a chance to book your seat!