It was another amazing day out on the Pacific! Both trips had fun watching different species of toothed whales make an appearance close to the Privateer! During the morning, we made our way out to the NW to find a large pod of ~60 OFFSHORE BOTTLENOSE dolphins that included the famous Patches! We got great looks as this pod was interacting with the boat by bowriding and surfing alongside the boat. Patches even came up to the bow to join in on the fun! Cow/calf pairs were seen by all, as several surfaced next to the boat. Not too far from this amazing pod, we sighted a large pod of ~150 COMMON dolphins. This species of toothed whale was just as fun and inquisitive, coming over to the boat to check us out. Another pod of ~100 fast-traveling COMMONS were seen headed West. We caught up with them while they were out ~12-miles from our dock! We even noticed what looked like to be a school of NEEDLEFISH at the ocean surface! To round it out, we sighted a couple of INSHORE BOTTLENOSE dolphins near the Mission Bay jetties! During the afternoon trip, we started it by observing a single HARBOR SEAL. It remained at the surface long enough for us to check him/her out! We traveled pretty far out West almost ~10-miles before turning toward the North to search for wildlife. We finally ran into a surprise pod of ~75 COMMON dolphins! They were headed straight for us! They made a U-turn and began to bow-ride the Privateer! Several cow/calf pairs were seen and many acrobatic behaviors were witnessed in this lively group. No baleen whales were seen today, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow! See you there! -Vanessa