Sea Lions and sharks and dolphins, oh my! We couldn’t believe how great the conditions were today. Smooth sailing along with impeccable visibility allowed for a great ride overall. We were lucky enough to spot multiple Sea Lions swimming offshore and a young Mako Shark! The shark approached the boat and we were able to get a few close looks until a California Sea Lion spooked it, causing it to swim away swiftly. Toward the end of our trip, a lively pod of Common Dolphins were spotted and we were thrilled to see some activity after searching for quite some time. The pod included some young calves, swimming beside their mothers. We noticed a lot of bait and bird activity as well, so the Pacific definitely seems to be alive! We’re beginning to make an effort to search both offshore and close to the coast, in the hopes that we’ll catch a few early sightings of the species we expect to see in the late fall/winter time! We’re out for two trips tomorrow so we hope to enjoy a full day of sightings with you all.