Happy New Year everyone!! We’re kicking off 2018 with some great encounters on The Privateer. On our morning trip, we encountered a pod of ~150 Common Dolphins and two dozen Pacific White-Sided Dolphins within two sub-groups. Our deckhand, Dave, began to remove an enormous plastic bag from the water when a BREACHING GRAY WHALE startled us! Immediately, upon turning the boat toward the whale, it breached a second time! We enjoyed a great visit with the young (~1-2 years old) southbound Gray Whale as it hugged the coast and fluked prior to every deep dive. We were surprised by one final breach, just off our bow before leaving the whale to continue on the longest migration of any mammal on the planet Earth!

Our afternoon was filled to the brim with toothed whales. We started our trip off with a feeding frenzy of Sea Lions, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Common Dolphins and sea birds! Both species of dolphin were relatively surface active and our passengers were lucky enough to observe them bow-riding for an extended period of time. Once the frenzy broke apart, we briefly encountered a trio of southbound Gray Whales on their way toward Baja! Throughout the rest of the afternoon trip, we cruised through countless groups of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and Common Dolphins on our way home. Could there be a better way to sail into the new year? There are limited spots available for whale watching tomorrow. If you’re quick, you may be able to snag some of those last available seats! We’ll see everyone bright and early tomorrow morning.