WOW!!! What an incredible day we had aboard The Privateer! Both trips were filled with Gray Whales and two different species of dolphin. We encountered FIVE southbound Gray Whales this morning and SIX in the afternoon. We started off our morning trip with a handful of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, followed by our first Gray Whale sighting of the day! This particular Gray Whale was ENORMOUS and looked very healthy. We observed it as it traveled down the coast, while ~40-50 Common Dolphins and ~10 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins made appearances all around the boat. An additional FOUR Gray Whales were spotted further out west and we were able to enjoy some amazing views of the quad swimming closely together. On our way back up the coast, we found multiple pods of dolphins, amounting to roughly 450 Common Dolphins and 15 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins in total.

The cetacean action carried into our afternoon trip with SIX (five of which were observed relatively closely) southbound Gray Whales. Most of our Gray Whale watching time was spend with two super surface active whales that rolled around and played with Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! We initially saw the two whales rolling around together with the dolphins but eventually witnessed them part ways. Our lucky passengers saw belly-up swimming, side stroking, spy-hopping and the slapping of tails, pectoral flippers and chins! It was absolutely AMAZING! In addition to this pair, we were able to get relatively close looks at three more individuals and a distant glance at a sixth southbound whale. What a day to be on the water! Gray Whale season is in FULL SWING here in San Diego. We’re taking full advantage of should you! See you out there!