Your San Diego Whale Watch crew could never let a thick bank of fog slow us down! Despite sporadic periods of dense fog, we enjoyed a very successful day on the water. In the morning, we started our trip off with a surprise visit from 3-4 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins right inside the basin! One of the Bottlenose Dolphins chin-slapped multiple times and the group bow-rode throughout our entire exit from the bay. While we were offshore, we encountered numerous patches of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins AND Common Dolphins, through the thick layer of fog that impaired our visibility. We were lucky enough to be surprised by each set of dolphins as they approached us, head-on! Due to the conditions, it was incredibly difficult to catch any signs of baleen whales this morning. As always, we did not give up and had high hopes for the afternoon.

We were beyond delighted with the turn out on our afternoon trip. Although the fog slowly crept in from the west, we took full advantage of any spots of clearance. A curious of pod of ~25 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins came up to The Privateer just beyond the Mission Bay jetties. We cruised through them and allowed the group to bow-ride with us as we traveled south toward our first southbound Gray Whale sighting of the day! We observed this Gray Whale for a few moments and witnessed it raise its flukes with every sounding dive. On our way up the coast, we spotted a huge pod of Common Dolphins in the distance. As we made our approach toward the pod, a RECENTLY BORN Gray Whale calf and its mother made an incredible appearance at the surface! We observed the pair as they interacted with one another at the surface. The baby even swam on the mothers back periodically! We didn’t spend too much time with this pair, for the sake of ensuring that the mother did not feel any need to alter course as a means of protecting her baby. We left the pair in search of the pod of Common Dolphins. Luckily, they raced toward us through the fog and we were able to circle around the pod thoroughly before turning back toward Mission Bay. What a spectacular glance at natures most precious miracles!

Many of you may be aware that we make a significant effort to clean up the environment during our tours. In addition to our daily sightings, we will be updating you on our daily retrieval of trash/recyclables. Your crew recovered 1 Mylar balloon and 1 latex balloon today.

We hope to see some more avid whale watchers out with us tomorrow as we continue to enjoy the Gray Whale migration here in San Diego!