Guests experienced the calm before the storm today aboard the Privateer. We had very calm sea conditions, while most of the day we traveled through glassy water. The marine species seen today, were also very relaxed and calm. We had a field trip in the morning with a group of awesome 5th graders on board. We had some great encounters with two species of toothed whale. We first found a small scattered pod of Common dolphin and a handful of Pacific white-sided dolphin. A couple miles from shore we found a large pod of ~200 Common dolphin! The kids got a chance to view these dolphins as they hitched a ride at the bow. We saw many cow/calf pairs in the mix! Some calves even porpoised out of the water. During the afternoon trip, we had lots of fun watching a TRIO of southbound migrating Gray whales! These whales were up for a couple of breaths with short dive times of about 6-min. Almost every time they went for a sounding dive, they flashed us their flukes! We continued on to deeper water in hopes of finding a different species of baleen whale or toothed whales. Our luck showed up back in the shallow water, as we encountered TWO PAIRS of COW’s with their NEWBORNS! They were only traveling about a half a mile away from each other in 100-feet of water. We got to see the calves swim in the slipstream of their mothers and even ride the backs of their mothers. We sighted just a couple of Common dolphin in the shallow water as well! We are expecting Gale force winds here in San Diego and have cancelled our trips for tomorrow, but you better believe we will be back online as soon as it lets up. We can’t wait to see more Gray whales as the peak of the southbound migration approaches. Stay safe out there! See you soon! Trash/recyclables: One bunch of 3 mylar balloons, and 3 single mylar balloons all picked up on the afternoon trip. -Vanessa