We were BLOWN AWAY by the offshore activity today! ELEVEN GRAY WHALES were spotted throughout both trips. We started off the day with a small feeding frenzy full of a few dozen Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Sea Lions and sea birds! We even spotted a large Harbor Seal and ~40 Common Dolphins! We left the frenzy as soon as we noticed a large blow in the distance and approached a single southbound Gray Whale. We were in shock when it BREACHED FIVE TIMES, right next to The Privateer! In addition to witnessing breaching behavior, the Gray Whale was very boat-friendly and came up to investigate us multiple times. Although we only saw one Gray Whale en route to Mexico this morning, it is the quality NOT the quantity sometimes!

We hit the Gray Whale JACKPOT (in terms of count) this afternoon, with TEN southbound Gray Whales spotted within three hours. We first encountered two separate individuals and were able to get a few good looks at them before we decided to travel up the coast. In doing so, we found a close group of SIX Gray Whales rolling around together in the presence of a few Pacific White-Sided Dolphins! We observed them as they lifted their flukes AND their pectoral flippers, while swimming sideways and upside down. We also watched as they interacted with one another below the surface. While spending time with this larger group, another pair of southbound Gray Whales were noted in the distance. A few AMAZING treats for our passengers throughout the day, for sure!