The ocean was teeming with wildlife today! We had non-stop action all day. Both baleen and toothed whales were seen on our trips today. During the morning trip, we started off the day with an incredible pair of southbound Gray whales. They were exhibiting courtship and mating behavior! They were seen rolling around and swimming belly to belly. A couple of times, they popped their heads up as they lunged forward. We watched as a small pod of ~5 Pacific white-sided dolphin escorting these active whales. We bounced from pod after pod of Gray whales getting to see a variety of behaviors. Our total for the trip was seven southbound Gray whales that we saw up close, four Gray whales in the distance, ~20 Pacific white-sided dolphins scattered about the shallow water near the coast and one Harbor seal. During the afternoon cruise, we got to see more scattered pods of Pacific white-sided dolphin headed toward the North along the coast. We saw another Harbor seal up at the surface while we were headed out. A pair of Gray whales were seen less than 2-miles from shore. We got to see them in travel mode as they came up for several breaths and went down for 5-6 minute dive times. One of the whales consistently showed its flukes upon diving. We got a tip about some marine mammal activity out toward the West in deeper water. We are sure glad we took our chances because we were pleasantly surprised to find a huge pod of ~500 Common dolphin! They were traveling pretty fast to the North. We caught up with them close to 10-miles from shore. We got to see very energetic aerial behaviors as some leaped high into the sky. Several Common dolphins were seen bow-riding and also surfing in our wake. On our way back to the dock, while back in Gray whale territory, we sighted many spouts all around us. There were two Gray whales traveling together and then another 4-pack of Gray whales exhibiting spouts in the distance. Trash/Recyclables: One latex balloon successfully retrieved from the ocean. We are at the peak of Gray whale season and the sea conditions are as flat, calm and glassy as can be! Book now! -Vanessa