Despite a lingering bank of fog, we spotted TEN SOUTHBOUND GRAY WHALES today!!! We encountered a few pairs, trios and singles throughout one three hour tour. A few of the whales were low-profile while some exhibited exciting surface activity. The last pair we observed were particularly interesting, as one of them BREACHED as a kick-starter to some courtship-like behavior. Through the fog, we witnessed barrel-rolling, pectoral flippers being raised, sideways swimming and belly-up swimming! They did so among a handful of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins in a bout of inter-species mingling. Throughout the day, we also found multiple pods of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. One of the pods was relatively curious and eagerly charged toward us to interact with the boat. In addition to cetaceans, we spotted one Harbor Seal hanging out in the kelp offshore. Overall, we had an incredible day on The Pacific! We still have some spots available for tomorrow morning. Why not beat the heat and start the weekend off right?! We hope to see you out there!