We had such an incredible day on the ocean! During both trips, we had non-stop action with both baleen and toothed whales! During the morning trip, we encountered scattered pods of Pacific white-sided dolphins in shallow water. A couple of spouts were sighted within close range. We watched these pair of Gray whales traveling South. We continued toward the South and found another pair about a mile from them. The fun didn’t stop there, another active pair of Gray whales showed up further South. These Gray whales exhibited courting behavior. Once we reached them, they were in travel mode but several spouts and flukes were seen. We set our course for the West and found a big pod of ~200 Common dolphins! They were very active and energetic. Many were seen bow-riding and surfing in our wake. As we were headed back to the coast, another pair of Gray whales popped up next to us. We got great looks as they went on a sounding dive. A very brave Harbor seal was also seen on the way in. During the afternoon, we had another eventful cruise. We sighted two single Gray whales as they traveled down the coast toward Mexico. One individual flashed us it beautiful flukes before going on a deep dive. Many more Pacific white-sided dolphins were seen scattered about the shallow water. We estimate close to ~20 individuals in all. As we head out to deeper water, a single MINKE whale popped up right next to us! We haven’t seen a Minke whale for at least a few months. We got some great looks as it surfaced for breaths several times. We continued out to the West and found another pod of ~200 Common dolphins! There were so many cow/calf pairs seen in the mix. They were seen traveling next to their mothers and porpoising every chance they could get. While headed home, we encountered another two Gray whales, about 5-miles from shore. We wished them luck as they continued to the South. More Pacific white-sided dolphins were seen on the way back in. Trash/Recyclables: TWO Mylar balloons successfully retrieved. We are at the height of the Southbound Gray whale migration. Come and see these beautiful whales for yourself! -Vanessa