WOW! We had an absolutely INCREDIBLE afternoon of watching Gray Whales and toothed whales! In total, we encountered ONE northbound and NINE southbound Gray Whales! We were able to get some amazing looks at each and every one of them but most of our time was spent watching a surface-active pair, rolling around for an extended period of time! Everyone on board was blown away by the behaviors we were so lucky enough to observe. The pair rolled around with Pacific White-Sided Dolphins as they exposed their flukes, pectoral flippers and bellies! As if that wasn’t spectacular enough, BOTH individuals spy-hopped simultaneously and on multiple occasions. While spy-hopping, we noticed that the pair would expose their rostrums for an extended period of time, twirl their bodies then impact one another by touching heads. This is not a behavior that we are used to seeing! It is so unfortunate that time on the water must be limited..we would stay out on the water all night if we could! We concluded our afternoon trip with a sighting of three Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins near the channel.

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