Fabulous Friday! We kicked off the weekend perfectly with two trips that got to encounter both baleen and toothed whales! During the morning, as soon as we exited the jetties, we found a pair of Inshore Bottlenose dolphins! They were seen crossing the channel. While in shallow water we sighted ~10 Pacific white-sided dolphins that were seen scattered about. Not too far from them, we sighted a pair of traveling Gray whales! We were so lucky that we got to join them for a segment of their migration. We left them and continued out to deeper water and sighted a single spout around the drop off. We never saw this individual pop up again so we dub it as a “mystery” whale. We traveled up to the North and found a small pod of ~7 Common dolphins. They exhibited elusive behaviors so we let them continue their journey. More Pacific white-sided dolphins were seen on the way back to the coast. We even sighted four more Inshore Bottlenose dolphin exiting the channel. During the afternoon, we sighted a single Gray whale crossing the Mission Bay jetties! It continued its travel to the South in shallow water. While headed out, we found a pair of Gray whales exhibiting courtship behavior! They were rolling around and spyhopping! Pacific white-sided dolphins were seen escorting them as they slowly headed to the South. We sighted several more Gray whales while they were in travel mode. Many passengers saw spouts, backs and flukes as they went for deeper dives. Trash/Recylables: 2 Mylar balloons and a bundle of latex balloons successfully retrieved! In case you may be interested in enjoying a beautiful sunset cruise for Valentine’s Day, our sister company, Cruise San Diego, is hosting a special Valentine’s sunset cruise on Feb 11th and Feb. 14th. Please click on the link below to get more information and purchase your tickets. https://cruise-sd.com/our-trips/valentines-sunset-cruise/ Hope to see you guys on the water soon! -Vanessa