Super Cetacean Sunday is here again!!! We had an action-packed day full of baleen and toothed whales! During the morning cruise, we sighted a total of EIGHT southbound Gray whales! We also sighted scattered pods of ~35 Pacific white-sided dolphins in shallow water. Many were seen escorting courting Gray whales. Some dolphins came over to the boat to bow-ride. Toward the end of the trip, we went South and found ~50 Common dolphins that came over to check us out. They were seen traveling to the South but stopped to hang out with us for a while. Gray whales were seen all around us as we continued up the coast.

During the afternoon, we sighted a total of ~13 Southbound Gray whales with several spouts in the distance. Our first sighting was of a mixture of ~10 Pacific white-sided dolphins and ~25 Common dolphins. There was so much bait/small schooling fish seen every where we went and these dolphins were in hunting mode. Many seabirds were also taking advantage by diving in the water to take a bite. We saw Gray whales exhibiting a wide variety of behaviors. We saw them while they were in travel mode, and also when they were exhibiting courtship behaviors. A trio of Gray whales that included a cow/calf pair and a juvenile cruised by. The calf crossed over its mothers back to the other side. Another juvenile was seen that popped up right next to us! Toward the end of the trip, a 4-pack and a 2-pack of Gray whales were also heading South. One of the whales even breached once at our stern, and again further away!

Trash/Recyclables: 3 Mylar balloons were successfully retrieved!

Amazing day on the water! We have plenty of spots open for tomorrow, BOOK NOW!