We were rocking and rolling aboard The Privateer today but that didn’t hold us back from the search! Our first sighting of the day was of a pair of juvenile Gray Whales heading north this morning. Although they were snorkeling during our visit, we were able to get some great looks at them both above and below the surface of the water. While we observed the pair, we also spotted a few scattered pod of Common Dolphins. The dolphins were very acrobatic and spent a lot of time interacting with the boat! We passed through a few additional pods as we cruised into deeper water. Although we noticed a lot of bird activity offshore, we did not see any signs of marine mammals in the deep zone.

Our afternoon was filled with big swells, gusting wind and white caps. Unfortunately and to our surprise, the conditions truly were not in our favor for spotting whales. We spotted a few California Sea Lions off shore but did not encounter any toothed or baleen whales. Such is nature from time to time! We’ll be back on the water on Tuesday to try again!