The Gray Whales were snorkeling up the coast today! We started off strong this morning, with a great Inshore Bottlenose Dolphin sighting outside of the Mission Bay jetties. One individual came up to bow-ride while another swam further away from us. Shortly after, we cruised through numerous scattered groups of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. They eagerly bow-rode and spent prolonged periods of time with us! We also encountered one northbound, juvenile Gray Whale that snorkeled beside us and illuminated a beautiful, turquoise glow from below the surface. Although it did not surface too frequently, the gorgeous conditions made it easy to watch while it was submerged.

On our afternoon trip, we found two more northbound, snorkeling Gray Whales. The first was fairly small and we were only able to get a few glimpses at its blowholes. The second whale was much easier to observe, although it did not expose much of the body at the surface. Even so, we were lucky enough to see a bit of the flukes as it lazily and slightly raised them out of the water.

We enjoyed some AMAZING conditions on the water today and we expect them to carry into the next 24 hours. San Diego has been warming up over the last few days and we think whale watching is the perfect way to beat the heat! See you on the water, whale watchers!