We were rockin’ and rollin’ aboard the Privateer today. We had fun on our search for marine mammals. On our single trip, we sighted a small pod of ~5 Pacific white-sided dolphin that we cruised by. We continued out to the West into deeper water. We sighted birds on the horizon which led us to an exciting feeding frenzy! A large bait ball of sardines were sighted at the surface. A huge pod of ~300 Common dolphins were seen feeding on the bait fish. We saw many species of birds that were diving into the water also feeding on the bait ball. The Common dolphins were very active, traveling very fast alongside us. Some even porpoised out of the water. We even picked up some hitch hikers that surfed the bow of the Privateer. While headed back to the coast, several Common dolphins accompanied us while surfing next to us. We sighted a Mola mola (or Ocean sunfish) along the way. Another small pod of ~50 Common dolphins were seen in shallow water headed to the SW. Trash/Recyclables: One Mylar balloon was successfully retrieved. -Vanessa