The sky was pretty grey but our sightings were…BLUE!!! We spotted the very first Blue Whale of 2018 on The Privateer this morning! The big ol’ blue surprised us by surfacing right next to the side of our boat and exhibited an enormous spout. We were lucky enough to catch it fairly early in the trip and despite it spending 11+ minutes on each deep dive, we were able to observe it for a few cycles of breathe at the surface. We are getting reports of very COLD WATER offshore, an important factor contributing to the visit from Blue Whales. Cold water is very nutrient rich and highly productive so the recent low temperatures may foreshadow a great Blue Whale season to come. In addition to seeing the largest animal on the planet, we found a handful of Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, a small pod of ~100 Long-Beaked Common Dolphins and a larger pod of ~500 Short-Beaked Common Dolphins! Although each pod was very interactive with our boat, the Short-Beaked Common Dolphins were amazingly acrobatic. California Sea Lions were also present throughout the entire morning trip. What a great start to the day! We are so excited to be able to say for the second year in a row that the first San Diegan Blue Whale of the year has been spotted by your SDWW crew!!!

On our afternoon trip, we enjoyed a great visit with a northbound Gray Whale cow-calf pair! They were traveling very quickly but that did stop us from getting some great looks at both the mother and her young calf. They swam side-by-side with the exception of a few instances when the calf would swim over the females back and cross her from side to side. The mother even raised her flukes while setting up for a deep, sounding dive. We also saw three Harbor Seals in the morning and two in the afternoon. WOW! What a great day. We can’t wait to see you all on the water tomorrow morning for another one.