We were rockin’ and rollin’ aboard the Privateer today! The sea conditions were pretty nautical all day. That didn’t stop us from having a good time. We found Common dolphin’s GALORE today. During our morning trip, we set out to the West and found a small pod of ~50 Common dolphins. After watching closely, many cow/calf pairs appeared in the mix. Passengers were lucky to witness a nursery pod traveling to the SW. Some calves sighted were so tiny they could have been as small as a football! We continued out into deeper water, then eventually making a huge U-turn back toward the coast. On our way back we found another small pod of ~30 Common dolphins. This pod was very inquisitive. Many Common dolphins came over to bow-ride and surf in our wake. On the way back, we even sighted several Velella velella, or By-the-wind-sailors at the ocean’s surface. Our crew member, Jaeny, picked one up for all to see! During the afternoon cruise, we set out for the West, and found three more pods of Common dolphins. The first was roughly 300 individuals that were exciting to watch. Many big splashes were seen as they porpoised out of the water. The second pod was smaller, with only ~150 individuals encountered. They were just as fun! A few cow/calf pairs were seen. Incredible acrobatics were exhibited. Many leaped out of the water and then spiraled down into the water. Vocalizations produced by the Common dolphins were heard next to the boat. Many high-pitched whistles were heard as they swam by. The last pod encountered was amazing! As we headed toward the coast, a large pod of ~200 Common dolphins began to STAMPEDE toward us! Several Common dolphins simultaneously leaped out of the water at great speed! They caught up to us and continued to bow-ride and surf alongside us. On our way in, a cow/calf pair of Inshore Bottlenose dolphins were seen surfing in the waves. No baleen whales were seen on either trips, but we are very hopeful as we are in between seasons. Gray whale season is almost over, and summer is right around the corner which brings Humpbacks and Blue whales! Book now! You never know what we will find! -Vanessa