Mylar Removal Monday! We had a fun day on the water today but so many Mylar balloons were seen on our trip. We managed to pick up five in total but definitely missed some since they were not in our path. Cetacean sightings observed today were two pods of Common dolphins! Our first encounter was of a small pod of only 5 individuals that eagerly came over to check us out. A cow/calf pair was among them! They continued their travel to the North as we ventured out to the West. While ~7.5 miles from shore, we found a bigger pod of ~200 Common dolphin that were spread out. They were very fun to watch as they zoomed over to the bow to surf in our pressure wave. Many dolphins leaped out of the water as they porpoised near the vessel. Some cow/calf pairs were seen as they traveled close to their mothers. At one point, we were completely surrounded. Many more Common dolphins were seen behind us, so there may have been more joining the pod. No baleen whales were seen today, but we are crossing our fingers for tomorrow! Gray whale season is almost over, so book now to get a chance to see them before they all head North out of the area. Trash/Recyclables: FIVE Mylar balloons successfully retrieved from the water! -Vanessa