BIG waves and BIG whales were seen on this Sunday Funday! We were so lucky to observe the largest animal on the planet! Not only did we see one BLUE whale, but we believe there may have been three or four individuals in the area! We got to see the Blue whale’s mighty, tall, and dense spout. When surfaced, we saw the back of the body, and its tiny dorsal fin. The beautiful, turquoise glow was seen right before the whale came up for air. While on our search for one of the Blue whales, a FIN whale popped up in front of us! The Fin whale is the second largest whale in the world! We could tell by the very dark body. We managed to see a nice profile view of the body before it went on a deep dive. We may have also had a second Fin whale in the area that popped up behind us. To top off the trip, on our way back to the coast, we found a large pod of ~100 Common dolphin! They were seen surfing, porpoising, and bow-riding! Trash/Recyclables: >20 Mylar balloons were seen on our trip! But due to the swell, we could not pick them up! We will be back online on Tuesday, so hope you come out soon! -Vanessa