We were BLOW-n away by the wildlife today! Common Dolphins and BLUE WHALES made for another SUPER CETACEAN SATURDAY! We encountered Long-Beaked AND Short-Beaked Common Dolphins on BOTH trips, in addition to observing the same Blue Whale throughout the day. In the morning, we passed through three different pods of Common Dolphins, two of which were long-beaked while the third was a group of short-beaked. In total, we found ~330 dolphins this morning. The Common Dolphins were pretty exciting but the entire boat cheered when the tall spout of a BLUE WHALE was spotted. We were lucky enough to get some incredibly close looks at the blue as it surfaced right next to us and crossed our bow. We were beyond satisfied for the day but we were hopeful that the Blue Whale could be relocated on our second trip.

In the afternoon, we found one pod of Long-Beaked Common Dolphins and two small handfuls of Short-Beaked Common Dolphins! As always, the commons were exciting for everyone as they leaped beside us and surfed around the boat. In addition to some great dolphin action, the Blue Whale from the morning was relocated off the coast of Torrey Pines!! Just like on the morning trip, the Blue Whale surprised us by surfacing right next to the boat! We couldn’t believe how lucky we were ALL DAY! Hopefully we hit the cetacean jackpot again tomorrow! See you on the water, whale watchers.