The entire day was filled with BLUE. A sunny, blue sky along with clear, blue water made for a perfect day of BLUE WHALE watching. Our first sighting of the morning was an unforgettable one..a Blue Whale was spotted ~5.7 miles southwest of Point Loma and was very boat-friendly. It exhibited one of the tallest, most prominent spouts we have seen in a long while. Luckily for us, it was a very boat-friendly whale and surfaced right next to The Privateer numerous times. Following our encounter with the Blue Whale, two small pods of Common Dolphins were spotted on the way home. The first was filled with young calves (perfect of Mother’s Day!) while the second included groups of males that actively courted females.

On our afternoon trip, FOUR-FIVE Blue Whales were spotted! We were only able to get a good, close look at one individual because they were all on or beyond the border of Mexico. Fortunately, the closest whale surfaced nice and close to the boat! Off in the distance we confirmed at least three additional whales (2 Blue Whales and possibly 1 Humpback Whale). We were thrilled to see so many giant spouts in one general area. We’re still hitting the jackpot here on our do not want to miss out on seeing the largest animal on the planet while they are here! We’ll be back on the water on Tuesday. Although we have a single trip scheduled, we have been selling out quickly over the last few weeks. It is a great idea to book early in advance, now that we have been having such amazing sightings. Keep an eye out for additional trips, as we could add to the schedule. Hope to see you all soon!