Wednesday, April 9: No whales today, but our guests still had fun watching 50 common dolphins, sea lions, and pelicans feeding near the kelp beds on this morning’s trip!

Tuesday, April 8: While it can be a little sad to know that April marks the tail-end of our gray whale season here in San Diego, the silver lining is that the very last whales to leave the lagoons in Baja are the mothers with their calves! Both of our trips today got to see cow/calf pairs. In the morning we saw 150 common dolphins in addition to 6 northbound gray whales, including one adult with a tiny calf. In the afternoon we found another new mother that seemed to proudly show off her little bundle of joy for our guests on the Privateer. Thanks to everyone who joined us today on this beautiful sunny day!


Monday April 7: There’s no better way to deal with a heat wave than to spend time on the water looking for whales and dolphins! This morning’s trip saw about half a dozen inshore bottlenose dolphins and close to 200 common dolphins. In the afternoon we saw a few more common dolphins but on the way to the real prize – two northbound juvenile gray whales!

Saturday, April 5: Today seemed to be the day of the dolphin! We have four different species in total for the day. We had both inshore and offshore bottlenose, one Pacific white sided dolphin that seemed to enjoy hanging out with three northbound gray whales. Also, we had about 400 common dolphins!

Friday, April 4: Quite the eventful day out on the Privateer! Wildlife was abundant off of the San Diego coast. We had a total of three gray whales for the day, all northbound. As a bonus, we saw a minke whale and an ocean sunfish on each of our trips (am and pm). Add about 400 common dolphins and about 10 inshore bottlenose…great day!

Thursday, April 3: After a few blustery days, beautiful conditions have returned. Morning guests watched 200+ stampeding common dolphins, and three northbound gray whales, including a calf. Afternoon guests enjoyed watching 50 offshore bottlenose dolphins and 150 common dolphins. Good time to get out on the water again…supposed to be beautiful and warming up the next few days!