February 2nd
4 gray whales, 50 common dolphins, 40 Pacific white-sided dolphins, and 2 inshore bottlenose dolphins.

February 3
What superbowl? No point in watching tv when there are whales to be seen! Today’s totals were 9 gray whales, 120 common dolphins, 30 Pacific white-sided dolphins, and 2 inshore bottlenose dolphins. One of the grays on the morning trip breached 4 times! And two juvenile grays in the afternoon were rolling around with white-sided dolphins! Gorgeous day.

February 6
4 southbound gray whales (2 pairs of adults) seen within 4 miles of Mission Bay. Scattered common dolphins throughout the trip, and 2 inshore bottlenose to greet us at the harbor. We are expecting the southbound migration to start decreasing and for the northbound to start any day now.

February 7 
FANTASTIC gray whale and dolphin interactions today. We saw a total of 6 grays. A trio of juveniles encountered a pod of a dozen Pacific white-sided dolphins. The whales started tail-throwing, spy-hopping, and lunging. It was amazing! After viewing a few more grays we saw one breach from a distance3 times. Fun day.

February 9
The morning trip saw 3 gray whales including one that beached and lunged about 10 times. Afternoon trip saw another pair of grays that eagerly fluked on each dive. Bottlenose dolphins greeted us at the harbor entrance for both trips too. Large swell made for rolly conditions…likely still have some of that tomorrow as well.

February 10
This weekend was awesome! Wet saw several breaching gray whales, both big and small. Other grays were rolling and playing with Pacific white-sided dolphins! Common and bottlenose dolphins also delighted guests.

February 11
Good afternoon folks – a quick update on viewings and weather conditions at San Diego Whale Watch! We still continue to see solid numbers on gray whales daily. Today we had three gray whales on the southbound migration as well as a pod of 500 common dolphins! Weather conditions on the water were a little bumpy, but started to calm down in the afternoon. We are looking solid on our reservations all this week, so come on out and “sea” us! 619-839-0128

February 13
If you came out with us recently, you may have noticed a rather cool certificate hanging in our galley. San Diego Whale Watch won a Certificate of Excellence at TripAdvisor.com for 2012! This certificate is issued only to a few companies who showcase outstanding reviews, amazing customer service and are in the top of the game in their locations! We are listed in the top 20% of companies in San Diego on TripAdvisor!!

We are so lucky to have been chosen as one of the best and we hope to continue this streak through 2013! If you had an awesome time on one of our trips, go to our TripAdvisor page and leave us a review. I added a link to TripAdvisor on our links at the top of our page, to make it easier for you to access it.

Thank you to all our friends, fans and followers. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!

You can also click here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g60750-d2268194-Reviews-San_Diego_Whale_Watch-San_Diego_California.html

February 13
today we saw a pair of southbound adult gray whales. Great looks at flukes on several occasions. Also had an adorable nursery pod of about 300 common dolphins and then 10 inshore bottlenose greeted us at the harbor.

February 14
Well, it’s been a long streak of gray whales – every single day since December 15th….but today we had a bit of a gap in the migration and did not see any. However, we did see a gorgeous humpback whale and THOUSANDS of common dolphins. Still a perfect time of year to see all kinds of wildlife. Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 15
Southbound season is NOT over….2 grays spotted today and we got word that there are 40-50 more coming down from the Monterey area. Also saw Pacific white-sided dolphins and common dolphins today. Flat calm seas, sunny skies.

February 16
Saw one huge adult gray whale still headed south, about 1500 very wound-up common dolphins, and 15 bottlenose with several young calves.

February 17
A little gap in the gray whale migration today, but more are on the way down and some are heading north now too. Saw about 250 common dolphins and 2 inshore bottlenose

February 18

BREACHING gray whale on the morning trip. We found a group of 4 adult grays travelling southbound and within minutes of viewing one of them breached twice. What a treat! Also found 2 more gray whales headed south in the afternoon!

February 19
A few sprinkles were not going to hold us back from seeing all the ocean had to offer today. We found 300 common dolphins almost immediately after leaving Mission Bay. Found 2 fantastic gray whales just moments after that and got to spend quite a bit of time with them. Last, the inshore bottlenose were there to greet us at the harbor entrance upon our return home.

February 22
Gorgeous clear skies made for incredible views of the snow in the local mountains from out on the ocean. It also gave us good visibility to find one southbound gray whale and several hundred common dolphins!
February 23
Every day and every trip is unique. We never know what we are going to see. This morning we had a couple hundred common dolphins, but no baleen whales. In the afternoon we had 2 gorgeous gray whales, but no dolphins. Wild animals in a big ocean….ya just never know.

February 24 
And the Oscar goes to……the gray whales!! This morning we had several scattered pods of common dolphins and a great pod of offshore bottlenose, but two gray whales were the highlight of the trip. The afternoon also had a few hundred common dolphins and some entertaining sea lions.

February 27
We found scattered common dolphins all the way from the OB pier to Hill Street. Also saw one yearling northbound gray whale that despite “snorkeling” gave us some good views. Safe travels little whale!

February 28
Today we had the pleasure of taking a boat full of third graders out on the ocean for a wonderful adventure. Thank you to Carlton Oaks Elementary School for your enthusiasm to learn about marine mammals! They got to enjoy several pods of common dolphins as well as a huge raft of sea lions. The afternoon trip took us about 12 miles offshore, but worth the extra mile (or miles) to see 4 northbound grays.