Thursday, January 30:  Slower day today with four gray whales, and a sole Pacific White Sided Dolphin!

Wednesday, January 29: Morning started with great views of four southbound gray whales, showing their flukes regularly. This was followed by one northbound gray whale, 150 common dolphins, two more southbound grays, and the trip concluded with a few bottlenose dolphins riding our bow as we entered Mission Bay. Another great day on the water.

Gray Whale Fluke – January 20

Tuesday, January 28: Juvenile and adult gray whales today. We’re at the point in the southbound migration where we are seeing a variety of ages. The morning trip saw a trio of juveniles in which one did a half-breach a couple of times and they were rolling around in play. Also saw a couple of adults with great looks at flukes. The afternoon trip saw six more whales including a courting trio. Love is in the air….or water anyway!

Monday, January 27: One lovely trip today with six gray whales including two “kelp rats” and one that half-breached a couple of times! Offshore we also found a puff of about 500 common dolphins and one ocean sunfish!

Sunday, January 26: AM trip was delighted to see a BREACHING gray whale! It breached 8 times very close to the boat. So awesome! Also saw two small pods of Pacific white-sided dolphins and lots of sea lions and pelagic birds. PM trip saw four more grays including a pair of juveniles that were doing backstroke with PWSD! Even the sunset joined in on the fun with a gray whale and a couple inshore bottlenose!

Saturday, January 25: Sunshine, calm seas, whale, and dolphins…what a great way to spend a Saturday. The morning trip saw two juvenile grays and one fast-swimming adult, plus about 20 Pacific white-sided dolphins. Afternoon trip saw another five grays, six PWSD, and a small green sea turtle! Top it off, even the sunset cruise saw two gray whales!

Friday, January 24: Grays, grays, and more grays. Two gray trips on board the Privateer today. The morning saw 8 gray whales including a group of five. Also saw about a dozen Pacific white-sided dolphins that were eager to bow-ride. Afternoon trip saw 10 whales – group of four, a trio, and three singles, plus 50 PWSD!

Thursday, January 23: Clear sky, calm sea–three southbound gray whales, and well over 200 offshore bottlenose dolphins made for a terrific morning on the water!

Wednesday, January 22: The grays were off our coastline–but so was a heavy marine layer, so we weren’t fortunate to see them on this morning’s cruise. Several times it looked like the sun would break through and increase visibility, but luck wasn’t with us. The seas were smooth, and sunny skies should return over the next few days.

Fin Whale – January 16

Tuesday, January 21: Two grays in the morning and three in the afternoon. It has been so amazing with steady gray whales every day. Morning trip also saw a megapod of leaping common dolphins!

Monday, January 20: Morning trip had a total of TEN gray whales including two pairs and a group of six, plus about 100 playful common dolphins. Afternoon trip saw four grays including one that was missing its left tail fluke. Not sure what caused it, but it was swimming well.

Sunday, January 19: Morning trip saw a humpback whale that was breaching, lob-tailing, and pec-slapping. Great displays of these behaviors! Also saw two small pods of Pacific white-sided dolphins and a few distant gray whales. Afternoon trip had a very fun pod of common dolphins as well as a trio of gray whales.

Saturday, January 18: Morning trip saw 200 common dolphins, 6-8 bottlenose dolphins, and pacific white sided dolphins.  Afternoon trip saw two grays, one cow calf, and then three more grays on the way in.

Friday, January 17: Courting trios of grays seems to be the trend right now! Found a wonderful trio today with a handful of Pacific white-sided dolphins. They were rolling around with the dolphins and each other. A fourth gray was speeding past us but then suddenly changed direction and joined the others! Over 400 common dolphins today too with seas as calm as could be and finished the trip with 4 inshore bottlenose!

Thursday, January 16:  Another picture-perfect San Diego day, added to by the sighting of three gray whales exhibiting courtship behavior and even a couple breaches, followed by two fin whales–one doing a great “Jaws” imitation careening through the water with only its dorsal fin showing, and then going right under the bow of the Privateer; 25 common dolphins, and very close looks at two more gray whales as we headed in toward the Mission Bay Channel.

Wednesday, January 15: No calf spotted today–however a year from now one may make an appearance..lots of courtship behavior from a pair of frisky whales! Also saw a northbound juvenile, and got great looks at three other grays. Even more blows and some breaches in the distance. Also saw 25 common dolphins. Perfect day on the water! Notice the baleen on this whale….more pictures to follow later today.

Tuesday, January 14: Another gorgeous day with the gray whales. Third day in a row of seeing a newborn calf! Always a treat to see the itty bitty babies next to their mamas. Total of 7 grays and 50 common dolphins for the day.

Monday, January 13: Two more trips full of excitement. Morning trip saw 12 Pacific white-sided dolphins that were eagerly bow-riding and jumping. Three single gray whales also spotted and each gave us great looks. Afternoon trip had a couple pairs of grays and a single juvenile that was rolling around with a few Pacific white-sided dolphins. Icing on the cake was another newborn!! Such a little cutie swimming beside mom!

Humpback Whale – January 11

Sunday, January 12: FANTASTIC DAY!! Morning trip saw four gray whales and scattered common dolphins despite some rolly conditions and fog. Afternoon trip had a group of six grays traveling together. One breached from a distance and we got great looks at flukes up close. While coming in we found our first NEWBORN gray of the season!! It was so tiny and awkward that it had to have been born sometime today. It was still riding on mom’s back and she was keeping a very low profile – a behavior we call “snorkeling”. Welcome to the world baby gray!!

Saturday, January 11: Two equally awesome trips on board the Privateer today. The morning started early with a young humpback whale! We saw it back from a distance and when we got to the area it eagerly approached the boat and swam around and under us many times. Once it even rolled over and lifted its flukes in the air just a few feet from the port railing!! This is what we call getting “mugged” by a whale. It also trumpeted several times….which can be a greeting. Got looks at several gray whales in the morning too. Afternoon trip started out in dense fog, but we got a clearing not long after and found several playful pods of common dolphins. One pod even played with a pair of gray whales, which was a spectacular sight! Icing on the cake was seeing an ocean sunfish this afternoon too!

Friday, January 10: Terrific looks at 12 Eastern Pacific gray whales, including four displaying courtship behavior. Lots of other blows and a couple breaching whales in the distance. The Privateer was definitely in the right place at the right time today!

Common Dolphin – January 5

Thursday, January 9: Four more Eastern Pacific gray whales on this morning’s cruise, plus additional blows (and a couple breaches) in the distance. Guests not only enjoyed the whales, but a small pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins. Late in the cruise we enjoyed the antics of 500 common dolphins, energizing everyone on board! A mola mola (ocean sunfish) also made an appearance. Fun day on the water–and this weekend is supposed to have even more sunshine….good time to get on board the Privateer!

Wednesday, January 8: Great looks at six Eastern Pacific gray whales, as well as pods of coastal bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Pacific white-sided dolphins. We’re in the midst of the southbound migration–don’t remember a better year for the gray whales!

Tuesday, January 7, PM trip: Two more gray whales with many views of their tail flukes. Also saw a pod of 30 common dolphins feeding on bait fish. Our guests visiting from the Midwest and East coast certainly enjoyed the warm SoCal sunshine instead of sub-zero temperatures and snow!

Tuesday, January 7, AM trip: Four gray whales (two pairs) and 800 short-beaked common dolphins!! First large sighting of dolphins in over a week. Yay!

Monday, January 6, PM trip: Five more grays (one group of four and a single) plus sea lions, sea birds, and beautiful weather.

Common Dolphin – January 9

Monday, January 6, AM trip: Glass-like seas made for easy animal spotting. We got close views of five gray whales (a trio and a pair) with equally as many in the distance. Played with a fun raft of sea lions too.

Sunday, January 5, PM trip: This afternoon started with a pair of adult grays headed southbound just outside the kelp beds. Wind picked up and created some white caps and this brought some dolphins around to play: about 50 commons, bow-riding, tail-throwing, and wake-surfing. One more gray whale after that and the setting sun makes today a perfect San Diego day.

Sunday, January 5, AM trip: Went seven miles offshore to start the day in hopes of finding dune fin whales. Saw one elusive whale (likely fin) that disappeared after one look. Made up for it with four gray whales in one group. Beautiful weather.

Saturday, January 4: Morning trip saw 7 gray whales and the afternoon trip saw another 5. Plenty of additional spouts in the distance too….but where are those silly dolphins?

Friday, January 3:  Today, we got the opportunity to see six gray whales during our morning trip, as well as our afternoon trip.  This makes the total sightings of gray whales for today a whopping 12!  We also saw a couple dozen common dolphins and sea lions in the afternoon.  Nothing short of disappointing!

Breaching Gray Whale – January 26

Thursday, January 2 – PM trip: This afternoon, we saw 8 more grays including two trios, one of which was likely in courtship display!

Thursday, January 2 – AM trip: We had the opportunity to see 6 gray whales and scattered common dolphins this morning!

Wednesday, January 1 – PM trip: We saw several more grays that were a little shy, but it was a gorgeous day to spend with beautiful creatures!

Wednesday, January 1 – AM trip:  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Morning trip saw 3 grays whales up close (more in the distance) and one of the whales breached three times!!