March 1

Morning trip had several playful pods of common dolphins. We found a southbound gray whale, but it managed to elude us. The afternoon trip also saw many common dolphins and one large, beautiful fin whale!! Great time to be out on the calm Pacific.

March 2

Both the morning trip and afternoon trip saw fin whales today! These giant creatures are starting to show up in greater numbers as the krill layer is becoming denser. The common dolphins were feeding on bait today to. Hungry whales and dolphins!

March 3

Great day on the water! The morning trip got the pleasure of some close encounters from a fin whale and a couple hundred common dolphins. The afternoon saw a fun trio of sub-adult gray whales headed northbound…they were rolling and playing with each other. Too cute!

March 5

Wild animals keep us on our toes. Lots of common dolphins found on the morning trip, but no baleen whales. One large fin whale and two small southbound grays found in the afternoon with only a handful of dolphins. Every trip is a new adventure.

March 6

FANTASTIC day! Today we found a little of everything! First we saw a huge pod of common dolphins as well as sea lions and birds feeding on bait fish all around the boat. Then we were surprised by 4 southbound adult gray whales…kinda late in the season for southbound, but we were happy to see them. Icing on the cake was a gorgeous humpback whale that eagerly showed flukes with every dive!

March 10

Calm after the storm….lots of common dolphins today, a handful of inshore bottlenose, 2 minke whales in the morning, and 1 southbound adult gray whale in the afternoon.

March 13

Foggy conditions, but still had the joy of finding lots of common dolphins and a pod of 6 northbound gray whales!

March 14

Happy “Pi” Day! Today the fog lingered again, but we had a couple hundred playful common dolphins scattered throughout both trips, plus 1 northbound juvenile gray whale and offshore bottlenose in the afternoon. Bring your jackets if you are cruising with us this weekend…it’s a bit brisk out there!

March 15

Julius Caesar may have had reason to beware the Ides of March, but we certainly didn’t! Today we had common dolphins throughout the whole trip. Lots of moon jellies have been showing up in our waters too, which has been quite pretty. No baleen whales today, but we did see dolphins on our sunset cruise as well!

March 16

We had three great trips on the Privateer today. The morning trip was surprised by an adult gray whale still heading southbound!! Several small pods of common dolphins were enjoyed by all too. In the afternoon we saw dolphins first – several hundred very playful ones! Then we found a cute little yearling gray headed northbound. Thanks to the high energy of Gamma Phi Beta sorority from SDSU we got to see feeding bottlenose dolphins on the sunset cruise.

March 17

The luck o’ the Irish brought us a great day! The morning trip got a couple close looks at two minke whales. This species is often difficult to view since they are usually quite shy, but we were close enough to hear them breathe and see their gorgeous markings. The afternoon trip saw 5 northbound gray whales, including a single juvenile that surprised us right next to the boat, and a pod of 4 that were rolling around in play behavior! Common dolphins all throughout the day too!!

March 18

So much variation from one day to the next, and one trip to the next. The morning trip today got an amazing encounter with 2 northbound gray whales. They were only 2 miles outside Mission Bay, frolicking, rolling, and backstroking. The guests were so close they could smell the whale breath! The afternoon trip also saw 4 northbound grays, as well as an elephant seal, a raft of sea lions, 1 minke whale, and 2 breaching humpbacks!! WOW!!!

March 20

SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! And what an amazing first day of spring it was indeed! Today we got so many thrills and once-in-a-lifetime moments, starting with 2 northbound sub-adult gray whales approaching our boat, rolling around, backstroking down our port side, spyhopping, and playing with kelp!!!! They were directly under the bow at one point (we shut the engines down) and we could see their entire outlines under the surface of the clear blue water. One more northbound gray was seeing passing the two playful ones, and common dolphins and sea lions were all around us at the same time. Just after this fantastic encounter we found a playful humpback who was rolling around with a female sea lion, flipper slapping and rolling in kelp. It breached once to the delight of all on board. What a spectacular day!!!

March 21

Very late in the season southbound gray whale today!! We were shocked to see one still headed down south, but got a couple of really good looks at it. We also saw 1 northbounder as well as both short-beaked and long-beaked common dolphins.

March 22

Three northbound gray whales, regularly showing their tail flukes, observed on morning trip in addition to a mom/calf pair. A rambunctious pod of common dolphins put on a great show for us as well. Guests on afternoon trip were also treated to a dolphin show, a shy sub-adult gray whale, and two northbound adult grays, one of which approached our vessel.

March 23

Saturday morning we had great views of a gray whale mom and calf. A small, highly energetic, pod of young common dolphins impressed everyone on board with their high jumps. The afternoon cruise started off with a somewhat elusive sub-adult gray whale; but it wasn’t long before we found a trio of northbound gray whales. A widely-scattered pod of common dolphins entertained all on our return trip.

March 24

Calm seas and bottle nose dolphins greeted guests as we left Mission Bay in the morning. Later in the cruise passengers enjoyed a large pod of feeding common dolphins; no baleen whales on morning cruise. Afternoon guests enjoyed a megapod of common dolphins–watching them in very clear water conditions was incredible. Two juvenile gray whales showed up briefly, but were very reclusive. Spring break is upon us, and there’s great conditions on the ocean–join us for a dolphin/whale watch!

March 26

Beautiful glassy conditions on the ocean all day. Morning guests were treated to great views of two minke whales (see minke mittens in photo), and came to understand the term “stinky minke.” They also observed one humpback whale. Afternoon guests got to see the same two minke whales….was nice of them to stick around….and hundreds of common dolphins (some seemingly under the influence of Red Bull). Great day on water and great guests!

March 27

Today was a great day to be on the water. We had Gray, Minke and Fin Whales as well as hundreds of dolphing to go with it. The weather continues to be nice on the water so call 619 839 0128 and make your reservations.

March 28

Fun-filled day on the Pacific today. The morning trip got to see 3 sub-adult gray whales headed northbound very early on in the trip. We got very good views and then continued on to find some playful common dolphins. The afternoon trip got the thrill of finding 2 humpback whales also headed north. Common dolphins joined them in the fun and one of the whales breached – much to the delight of all on board. The sunset was also spectacular this evening!


March 29

More amazement today! The morning trip started with a dozen inshore bottlenose dolphins that were much more playful with the boat than usual. Once offshore, we got a couple quick looks at a shy fin whale, but incredible views of 2 friendly minke whales! Usually the scenario is the other way around, so it was quite the treat to have curious minkes. The afternoon trip had a rambunctious pod of about 500 common dolphins, plus another fin whale and 2 northbound grays. Even the sunset cruise got a brief look at a gray whale! Fantastic day on the water!

March 30

The return of the sunshine! No marine layer to deal with today! Got to see 3 northbound gray whales, 1 minke whale, and 1400 common dolphins that were just as rambunctious as yesterday! The anchovies have been abundant in our waters lately and the dolphins seem to eat their fill and rather than taking a siesta, they leap and jump for joy!

March 31

HOPPY EASTER EVERYBUN! What a beautiful Easter Sunday indeed! It was as calm as a lake all day and the sun made our trips bright and warm. Five more northbound gray whales today – some juveniles and some adults. Both short-beaked and long-beaked commons were feasting on the local anchovy again and we even saw a sea lion pup hitch a ride on the back of a lady’s paddleboard! Too cute!