May 2
Lots of common dolphins and a few inshore bottlenose the past couple of days. Must be a little gap in the gray whale migration because we know more should still be on their way through here. beautiful sunny skies makes for an excellent time to be on the water!

May 3
Lots more common dolphins today (both short-beaked and long-beaked). Maybe the whales are just waiting for the weekend!

May 8
first day out on the water in several days due to weather and it was a gorgeous day. The water was the clearest it has been all year and it made watching the common dolphins bow-riding all that more amazing. The dolphins were feeding and we were right in the center of a massive school of anchovies! These fish shimmered and darted about trying to avoid the dolphins, sea lions, and birds feasting on them. What a spectacular sight!

May 9
Long-beaked common dolphins and two pods of inshore bottlenose dolphins today. Clear skies should be here all weekend and we have plenty of open spots. Come “sea”the fun!

May 10
400 long-beaked common dolphins and 3 inshore bottlenose dolphins were seen today. There has been a lot of squid in our coastal waters recently (along with tons of bait fish) so it is possible we could get some Risso’s dolphin sightings very soon. Maybe they will lead the way to finding some baleen whales!

May 11
Feeding frenzy! Lots of common dolphins feeding on anchovies today, right next to the boat. Several bottlenose dolphins also spotted (inshore and offshore) and two huge rafts of sea lions! Bring mom out on the boat for a Mother’s Day treat tomorrow!

May 15
Update: We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – especially all the moms out there – and now having a wonderful week! We’ve had mostly dolphins as of late, including both short-beaked and long-beaked commons and inshore and offshore bottlenose. Monday we did get great looks at 2 blue whales and today we found them again very very briefly, but apparently they were a bit camera shy today!

May 17
Gorgeous day on the water. Patchy clouds but mild temperatures. TONS of common dolphins, offshore bottlenose, and inshore bottlenose. On the afternoon trip we saw surface krill in small patches and wondered what was pushing them up…..soon realized it was market squid! Very cool to watch them feeding and the birds trying to get the squid. This is a good sign that the krill is abundant and should entice more whales into the area soon!

May 18
There’s so much life in the water right now. We saw several pods of common dolphins feeding on massive schools of anchovy. It’s incredible to witness the feeding displays of the dolphins, sea lions, and birds all together and have the bait fish hide under the boat! Saw two ocean sunfish today as well, plus a few inshore bottlenose dolphins.

May 19
BLUE WHALE TODAY!!!!!! This morning’s trip got some incredible views of a gorgeous blue whale 8.5 miles from Mission Bay. It was headed northbound, so we didn’t find it again in the afternoon, but the dolphins were out in full force and super wound-up! Ocean sunfish and birds galore too! GREAT DAY!

May 20
Beautiful day to be out on the water and witness over 500 common dolphins feeding and frolicking, plus 15 offshore bottlenose and 2 inshore bottlenose!

May 22
Inshore and offshore bottlenose dolphins today. Crystal clear waters and sunny skies. What will tomorrow bring? Come find out!

May 23
Another picturesque day on the Pacific. Dolphins galore too! We saw both short-beaked and long-beaked commons and several pods of playful offshore bottlenose. Also had a great look at one of the Navy’s newest vessels – the USS New York which has steel salvaged from the world trade center.

May 24
Tons of bottlenose dolphins today! Inshore bottlenose were seen on the morning trip, and offshore bottlenose were enjoyed on the afternoon trip. The total was nearly 100 and they were extremely playful. One of the offshores even swam up to an ocean sunfish and nipped at its fin in a play/curiosity behavior. VERY cool! Saw common dolphins on our sunset cruise too and the sunset was gorgeous!

May 26
Several hundred more common dolphins today and a few inshore bottlenose. Have a happy and safe Memorial Day everyone!

May 27
Happy Memorial Day! Our guests sure were happy to be spending this holiday out on the big blue and the had animals were all out and about. We got fantastic views of two fin whales – one adult and one juvenile – that approached the boat several times!! Also saw commons and both inshore and offshore bottlenose. The guests watching the dolphins bow-riding even got splashed a time or two! GREAT DAY!

May 28
It looks like our luck is improving! Today we saw two blue whales that were lunge-feeding on surface krill. Both whales (an adult and a juvenile) got within 100 feet of the boat several times. What a thrill! Also saw a couple hundred common dolphins, a handful of inshore bottlenose dolphins, 50 offshore bottlenose, and a Mola mola!

May 29
Day of the dolphin! We saw three different pods of offshore bottlenose dolphins today for a total of about 100. They were super playful and followed us for miles. Saw a handful of common dolphins on the way in too and it was a gorgeous sunny day!

May 30
BLUE WHALES! Today we had to burn a little fuel to get to the 9-mile bank, but it was worth extra because we saw two blue whales! We got great views of one of them – a huge adult! This was a first for many of our passengers. Also saw a handful of offshore bottlenose dolphins and a school of five juvenile ocean sunfish!

May 31
BREACHING MINKE WHALE!! That’s right – it breached about 15 times! What a cool and rare sight. I’ve worked here for two years and this is only my second time seeing this species breach! It also passed close to the boat a few times. Saw a couple of ocean sunfish too (one also breached) and about 70 playful commons. It was a day where everything was jumping for joy!