Sunday, August 17th

We really had to earn our whale views today, but we got ’em! Despite some bumpy seas, guests on our morning trip got to see two juvenile blue whales and guests on the afternoon trip saw three whales including one large adult that gave us a look at those giant...

Saturday, August 16th

The whales are still here! We saw 4 blues today, with lots of fluking activity from one of them. We also saw about 300 common dolphins with a bunch of little baby dolphins mixed in the pod. Come out on a trip!

Friday, August 15th

7 blue whales on the morning trip, and 4 in the afternoon! that’s what we call an amazing day whale watching! We also saw pods of dolphins on both trips today, probably around 300 all together.

Tuesday, August 12th

Today we saw 9 blue whales and over 1400 common dolphins between the 2 trips! Some of the whales decided to fluke, some of them came close to the boat, and some were cow/calf pairs. We had it all! The commons really gave us a show as well. Some were jumping 10 feet...