Lots of diversity today! We may not have had a lot of people on the boat today, but we sure did see a lot of wildlife!

Captain Ping set an amazing course today. We had about 200 scattered dolphins all the way out to the 100 fathom (600 feet) curve, a place where cold water upwelling and plankton blooms occur.
Once we hit the deeper water a fin whale showed us its spout. We got some really close looks as it decided to swim close to us as the boat was turned off.
We also had a brown booby that decided to come in for a crash landing aboard the Privateer. It showed signs of being injured, so we took it back to Project Wildlife, a bird rescue here in San Diego. They have assured us that they will look after it until it is ready to go back into the wild!

It’s always an adventure on the Privateer!

Jeremy, Naturalist

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