Tuesday, December 23rd

TWENTY-ONE WHALES in one day!?! Unbelievable. The morning trip saw 10 gray whales migrating south – singles, pairs, and trios. One of the whales in a trio must have heard about our breaching humpback yesterday, because not wanting to be outdone, she breached and spyhopped multiple times for us! This whale was HUGE, maybe a large, pregnant female? In the afternoon, we not only tied the morning’s number, but topped it by seeing an astounding 11 more gray whales! We’ve never had numbers like this in December. We ARE running through the holidays with two trips tomorrow and two trips on Christmas day! We hope you’ll join us! The pictures are great, but nothing tops seeing these animals in person!

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Wednesday December 24:

Merry Christmas Eve! What an amazing day out on the pacific! Captain Cristin showed our guests a lot of wildlife today.
We saw 8 southbound gray whales displaying lots of flukes. We also saw two species of dolphins today! we had about 50 common dolphins and 20 pacific white sided dolphins as well… It’s beginning to look a lot like whale season!