Captain Cristin was at the helm of the Privateer today as we went out searching for our southbound gray whale buddies.
We were not disappointed! We saw 22 gray whales!
We stayed in close (about 3 miles from shore, and 250 feet deep) on the first trip. We ended up seeing 8 whales…some in groups, and some traveling alone.
In the afternoon, we decided to go into the deeper water (about 8 miles from shore, and 1200 feet deep). It paid off! There were two herds of grays out there. The group that we got closest to had 9 grays traveling closely together. The group in front of them had 5.
We also had close interactions with about 1200 common dolphins and about 30 pacific white sided dolphins.
There were a variety of different birds to see as well. We spotted a brown booby on the afternoon trip (see picture).
The conditions for tomorrow are looking pretty great. Book your trip and come see these amazing animals!

Jeremy, Naturalist

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