22 gray whales…That’s the magic number for today!
Todays conditions were ideal for Captain Cristin to take all aboard on a journey to remember.
We had quite the day with our southbound gray whales. We saw some displaying courtship behavior (see picture), and others that seemed to be driven by instinct to just keep traveling south.
Dolphins were everywhere as well today. Right out of the jetties we found 5 bottlenose dolphins. Later we were saw close to 500 common dolphins, and we even got to see some pacific white sided dolphins (about 30).
Lots of San Diego sunshine added to the spirit aboard the Privateer.
Let the adventure begin!

Jeremy, Naturalist

PWS 1.17 gray whale courtship behavior 1.17 gray whale courtship behavior 1.17 2png gray fluke 1.17 common 3 1.17 common 2 1.17 common 1.17 bottlenose 1.17