What a day!!! When we left this morning, enveloped in fog, we had no idea the surprises that were in store for us, but once the fog burned off, the wildlife sightings ensued! In the morning we found 7 gray whales including one cow/calf pair and a group of 5 whales displaying courtship behavior. In the afternoon we found a whopping 11 more gray whales including another amorous trio!

The most fun thing about today was that we accomplished a dolphin hat trick – THREE species of dolphin! We found a small group of common dolphins on both the morning and afternoon trips, a group of about 10 Pacific white-sided dolphins in the afternoon that rode our bow for several minutes, and in the morning, a pod of 12 Risso’s dolphins about 5 miles offshore! Risso’s are a rare treat for us – we spotted them only 6 times in 2014 and this is the first sighting of the new year. What an incredible day!

We were sold out for the last several days but we still have a few spots open for tomorrow if you want to get out and see something unforgettable!


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