Today started off with excellent visibility and mirror-like seas. The first whales we saw were a mother and very new calf. The calf was flopping around clumsily. We could see that its tail flukes had not yet hardened and it was riding on its mother’s back. This was the youngest calf I have ever seen! We then found a pair of juvenile gray whales a bit farther out to sea and a trio of three more juvenile whales nearer to the kelp beds. After a morning of incredibly smooth sailing, the winds picked up and the rain began to come down. We finished our trip just in time with 7 gray whales in total.

The rain and heavy wind should be mostly gone by tomorrow. Remember tomorrow is 2-for-1 Tuesday, so join us and bring a friend! We still have spots available on both trips. See you then!


gray calf 1.26 gray 1.26 gray blows 1.26 gray fluke 1.26 gray blow 1.26