Because of the busy weekend, we ran two boats today (Privateer and Eclipse) to allow even more passengers a chance to see whales and dolphins in the Pacific. In the morning, between both boats, we located 8 gray whales (3 southbound, 5 northbound), and approximately a dozen common dolphins.

In the afternoon, our combined efforts yielded 10 more gray whales, some displaying breaching behavior, others displaying courtship. We also found about 50 or 60 scattered common dolphins and a raft of nearly 40 California sea lions.

Due to popular demand and fantastic weather conditions, we will be running two trips tomorrow (10 & 1:30), so take your pick and join us!



gray privateer 3.8 common jumping 3.8 gray balleen 3,8 gray breach 2 3.8 gray breach 3.8 fluke 3.8