Wind and rain clouds didn’t keep us off the water today. We were able to sneak in two fun-filled trips, arriving back at the dock just minutes before the rain started to fall.

In the morning we got a surprise from a gray whale mom and calf that had veered into Mission Bay. No photos of this pair, as they were keeping a very low profile inside the channel. We informed lifeguards and they waited around until the whales found their way back into the open ocean. We next went on to deeper water and found about 500-600 common dolphins and three fin whales.

In the afternoon we returned in search of the fin whales and while we couldn’t find them again, we were able to find about 300 more common dolphins. Thanks for braving the weather, everyone! It paid off!



common 2 4.25 common 3 4.25 common 4.25 commons jumping 4.25 fin 2 4.25 fin 4.25