Found another blue! After our first sighting of the year yesterday, it’s very encouraging to see another blue today (and a different one from those seen yesterday at that). We also had the luck of finding a very young loggerhead sea turtle and will share that information with NOAA researchers to help gain an understanding of the travel patterns of sea turtles along the west coast. I think we’ve seen just about as many sea turtles in the last few weeks as we did all last year!

And no, these photos aren’t in black and white, just a side effect of our annual May Gray here in San Diego!

We will be down for maintenence tomorrow, taking advantage before the busy summer season to get the boat in tip-top shape, but will be back on Friday!


blue 3 5.6 blue 2 5.6 blue 5.6 loggerhead turtle shell 5.6 loggerhead turtle 5.6