It was a little bit windy today, but the rain was long gone by the time our first trip started this morning!

In the morning we spent most of our time with a megapod of common dolphins that seemed to be neverending – at least 1,500 animals. As we were turning to head home we also saw a large adult fin whale arch its back for a dive. We waited around for an ample amount of time but the wind made it hard to relocate again. Luckily we found even more common dolphins afterward that escorted us toward shore.

In the afternoon we headed out to the same spot and started things off with a juvenile humpback whale. We were able to positively identify this humpback as the same one we saw tail-slapping on Tuesday, in virtually the exact same location! As we followed the humpback, it led us to a pod of 500-600 more common dolphins that we watched for a bit, and we finished the trip with three bottlenose dolphins that greeted us at the mouth of the jetties.

We’re almost sold out for tomorrow, so if you would like to celebrate Mother’s Day aboard the Privateer, act fast!



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