Every time we encounter fin whales on a trip, I’m always asked by at least one passenger, “Do fin whales ever breach like other whales do?” My response has always been that while it’s possible for any species of whale to breach, the bigger you are, the harder it is, and therefore I’ve never seen a fin whale display breaching behavior. Never until TODAY that is!

This morning we encountered a few bottlenose dolphins inside Mission Bay, about 100 scattered common dolphins on the way out to deeper water, and then another trio of extremely “friendly” fin whales. The neat thing about this trio is that after reviewing photos from yesterday’s trips, this was a DIFFERENT trio than we saw yesterday! How wonderful to be seeing so many fin whales as of late, given their status as an endangered species!

Each time we tried to leave for home, they would pop up again in front of us, holding us hostage by continually circling the boat (not that we minded!) Not five minutes after we made a break for it to head home, we saw huge splashes in the distance. Could it be? YES! It was one of our fin whales breaching not once, but at least TEN times! How remarkable! The breaches occurred in the distance, so my photos are not very good, but we do have photographic evidence of this rare treat!

Just goes to show you, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!



fin whale breach 3 5.11 fin whale breach 2 5.11 fin boat 5.11 fin 5.11 mola 5.11 fin whale 5.11 fin whale boat 5.11 fin whale navy ship 5.11 Wilson's Warbler 5.11 fin whale breach 5