A tale of two trips:

Our first trip today was dedicated to the baleen whales. We saw at least two fin whales (possibly three) and one gigantic blue whale! Near the end of the trip, one of our fin whales actually swam slowly beneath our boat, popping up on the other side and giving everyone some nice close looks.

In the afternoon, we switched over to the toothed whales, spotting two species of dolphin! We headed out into deep water to find a pod of at least 500 common dolphins that we watched for quite a bit. We then headed in toward the kelp forest and found eight inshore bottlenose dolphins hunting at the kelp’s edge.

The most surprising find of the day wasn’t a marine mammal at all. In the morning, about ten miles from home, we saw splashing and jumping in the distance that we assumed were dolphins. As we arrived on scene, however, we learned that our “dolphins” were actually thousands of 60-pound jumping tuna! Tuna generally prefer warmer waters, so seeing such a large quantity of feeding tuna in May with 64-degree water was quite surprising! We hope that’s a sign of a productive summer to come!

Tomorrow is half-price Tuesday. Come on out – you have nothing to lose!



bottlenose 5.25 fin 5.25 common 5.25