Today was all about quality, not quantity. Windy conditions made it difficult to locate signature whale spouts or dolphins, but the animals that we were able to find today were very photogenic!

In the morning we spotted about 20 common dolphins, one shy blue whale in the distance, and one fantastic blue whale that displayed it’s gigantic tail over and over again.

In the afternoon we were able to return to the same area and find our fluking blue whale yet again, much to the delight of all aboard. In our experience, only about 10% of blue whales display their tails when diving, making it a rare treat.

In addition to marine mammals, today was a great day for bird-watching! We spotted sooty, black-vented, and even pink-footed shearwaters as well as several black storm petrels (blurry picture included!).

The winds are forecasted to be much less tomorrow, so we look forward to another great day on the water!



black storm petrel 6.28 blue fluke 3 6.28 blue fluke 2 6.28 common 6.28 blue fluke 6.28