What a day! I’m loving this beautiful summer weather!

This morning started off a bit bumpy (both literally and figuratively) but luckily the second half of our trip proved much better with looks at at least six blue whales in the distance and one up close that showed us that glorious blue whale tail! We also found a pod of at least 100 common dolphins on the way home that livened things up and a group of six inshore bottlenose dolphins near the jetties.

In the afternoon the sun was shining and the winds were calmer. Eight blue whales made an appearance with close looks at about half of them, including one blue whale with a very tall tail fluke presentation. We located nearly 250 common dolphins in the afternoon as well as another jumping mako shark!

Tomorrow morning is almost sold out but we still have availability in the afternoon. Please join us and check the majestic blue whale off your life list!



blue fluke 2 7.14 blue boat 7.14 blue spout 7.14 common baby 7.14 blue fluke 7.14 sea lion 7.14 bottlenose 7.14